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fetishism = illness??? (opinion poll)

Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 3:23 am
by skyyzoo
Since I?ve been about 14 years old I noticed that I have a bent for high heels, especially to abuse or to destroy heels, best fxxkin them before.
Since 20 years I?m married and I?m (still) able to have ?rumpy-pumpy? with her, but I prefer to fxxk abused heels. By the way, my wife doesn?t know about it. Sometimes when she?s outside for several days I buy heels on flea markets to abuse them. I really enjoy it.
Now my question, do you think that I am psychical ill or do you think that all these facts are quite ?normal??
From my point of view I think it?s better to masturbate with heels than for example to rape a woman or, all the worse, to ill-treat children.
What do you think? I?m looking forward to read your own opinion. Please excuse my poor English, thx.
Yours skyyzoo


Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 4:36 am
by mudcole
Dude if you enjoy what you do just do it,you don't need our opinons to make it right or wrong in your eyes.

But comparing what we all enjoy here to what you have said,now that is sick i can't beleive you even said it. :shock:

Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 7:33 am
by Guest
Fetishism is quiet normal. Everyone has a kind of fetishism. people get arowsed by a pair of high heels, boots, a smell or something like that. With some people it is stronger than moderate, like You and me. I by myself like to burn shoes and boots. Only shoes/boots, nothing else. And I don't feel seek. My sexlife becomes even better and I don't boother anyone with it.

Here's To Fetishism

Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 8:32 pm
by jcfeli
I read with interest the threads posted on this subject so far. It's a fascinating subject, regardless of what the object of the fetishist happens to be.

To call a fetish an illness is really a term invented by psychologists to remain employed, and to make the clergy feel they had a hold of us for fear of living in a hellish afterlife. Surely there is a great deal of guilt associated with many of our fetishes.

Personally, I view fetishism as a kind of "bonding", much in the way a newly hatched duckling bonds to the first object is sees move. This is an instinct for SURVIVAL in the animal kingdom. In my own case, I distinctly remember spontaneously getting an erection upon seeing a magazine article that portrayed showgirls trying out for part in Harold Minsky's burlesque show. I truly believe that humans were equipped with fetishistic tendencies to procreate the species --- after all, when one loves sex, the human race does continue to reproduce.

A little more personal history: I have never been a classic "breast man". The more I think of it, this is possibly because I was not breast fed. More importantly, I distinctly remember NOT being cuddled by my mother as an infant/ In fact, I remember crawling around much of the time on the floor -- clinging to the legs (and yes, heels) of my mother who I sincerely believe did not have enough time or enough lovingkindness to share with the child she brought into the world. You can see an awful lot of women's shoes while crawling around on the floor and not being held. (It also helped that my grandmother used to give me horsey rides as an infant ... hmmmm.)

But I digress ....

As silly or funny or strange or, yes, sick that that seems, the feelings of sexual arousal are exactly the same as those I later acquired for the female form. For years, I used to hide behind my fetish of loving to look at, fondle, burn, and do all sorts of things to women's heels. I felt guilty that I was somehow abnormal in what were real feelings of sexual arousal.

Now, I have learned that there are many people, men and women, who also adore women's designer footwear. Along that line, I have learned there are other people who enjoy doing to footwear --- the exact things I have discovered for myself ... while in solitude.

Thank goodness for the internet, and for people like Wetshoe and Mudcole and Susan and all of the other fine contributors to this site.

In closing, I think we should all be thankful of the creative imaginations we have been born with, and applaud others for sharing their feelings and photographs with us.

Comments and opinions are welcomed.

Joe <jcfeli>

Correction of one term.

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 3:40 am
by jcfeli
Upon re-reading my dissertation after having sent it, I noticed an error in terminology, in the first sentence of the second paragraph. The word "bonding" should read "imprinting". With that change, the sentence should be:

"Personally, I view fetishism as a kind of "IMPRINTING", much in the way a newly hatched duckling bonds to the first object is sees move. "

Joe <jcfeli>

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 4:00 am
by love_prada_and_gucci
Fetishism is normal. The way I describe this is a passion that you want to express by yourself by wearing or abusing (stocking, high heels, etc...) something that excite you.

Me, I enjoy wearing stocking and high heels and I like to abuse high heels and I'm totally normal!

So, don't worry! :) A good way to share that fetish is to talk with other people that share that fetish and this forum is a good place!

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 6:33 pm
by Shoe Torcher
If shoe fetishism is an illness, then I need to be in the most padded cell on the strongest meds, because I am one sick puppy!!!! LOL!