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BRADF and wife have joined the group

Posted: Fri May 06, 2011 4:02 am
Glad we found you all. We are in Texas near Dallas. Very much into Toe cleavage and arching pics and clips. Let us know if any of you are the same.

Re: Bootluv has joined the forum, &

Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:22 pm
by Miyakutsune
How I get membership to Everytime I try to go to payment it says account inactive. I had an account to another site three years ago but couldn't pay the members fee because I had to get a new card. I never returned to the site. But for three years every site I try to get an account with on multiple devices always says account inactive. I don't remember the membership is because that was three years ago with another email address that was compromised. I've got a new email and a completely new credit card with a new bank since then and ccbill says they can't help if I can't provide the three year old info. Does this mean I'm basically banned for life from every site because of three years ago? It doesn't seem fair. How can I fix this, because I want an account on two different sites now but can't.

Re: Bootluv has joined the forum, &

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:38 pm
by Wetshoe
It's not your account. The site itself is inactive.