secretary driving fast her BMW in stilettos pumps

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secretary driving fast her BMW in stilettos pumps

Post by pedalana » Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:11 am are..

I have discovered this forum one week ago...and i saw here a lot of candid pics of woman heels..
This is my first post. I have a sexy secretary with 36 years old...She always wears high heels stiletto pumps and strappy sandals in my office...
I would like to share with you pics of her heels. She always leave her heels under her desk.
One year ago we started a relationship and she know about my pedal pumping fetish...and she was agree about recording some videos of her... driving fast her manual gear old BMW car...this videos really turns me on
She love flooring the gaspedal to the floor spining and squealing tires.
Iam sharing with you pics of her 2 pair of heels that she always wears for driving her car..and a pics of videos of her driving wearing her sandals and pumps
If anybody is interested in my can check all complete videos at:

my secretary high heels under her desk
her silver strappy office sandals
secretary via spiga classic pumps
my secretary via spiga stiletto pumps
my secretary driving fast her BMW in her vis spiga classic pumps
driving in pumps , pantyhose and miniskirt
driving in her silver strappy sandals
driving in miniskirt , barelegs and sandals
i hope you enjoy de pics and videos

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Re: secretary driving fast her BMW in stilettos pumps

Post by PAGA » Fri May 03, 2013 10:12 pm


yes it is very nice ; I have just bought your clips on C4S.
you are lucky to know women who loves driving with high heels !

here (Paris) at my office, unfortunately the women are starting the habbit to remove heel shoes to drive or to walk; i have a sexy coworker, 50's year old with very high heels who drive 50 kilomemeters daily; but unfortunately she wears flat shoes to drive (....but fortunately she wears shoes at the office ...)

In your clips, I find the hands gesture is fantastic too ; we often told only about shoes, but a woman coaxing her lovely car with nice hands is very nice too

I hope you could build some other clips


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Re: secretary driving fast her BMW in stilettos pumps

Post by Cammile » Sun Nov 30, 2014 7:20 am

Nice photos, thanks for sharing :D :D

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