Soaking the sneakers of the Girl at work

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Soaking the sneakers of the Girl at work

Post by Polki35 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 11:37 am

So at my work we spray alot of water cleaning floors and equipment and theres this girl she works in a department doing testing so she never uses water but she has to come out and run tests and so one day I was spraying casually and she walked by and I had got an idea how can I spray these cute little size 6 sneakers of hers and then i got the idea to casually spray under a machine nd then when she walks by point the hose up at her sneakers so i sat on the floor and started spraying normaly then saw her come by and BAM i aimed up at her ankles and i got her good she started hopping around and walking faster but I followed her a bit and absolutely soaked her sneakers I finished up on the floor and went by her room and I saw her sitting down at her chair her sneakers and bottom of her jeans soaked water dripping off of her sneakers she wore them like that all day I kept walking by every once in a while to see if she would take them off she never did once I wonder how long the memory foam in the sneakers were wet for... it was awesome

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