Thick Black Tights destroyed by old lady

Wet nylons, pantyhose, stockings and socks. Messy, abused, torn, shredded, nylons with runs, and whatever else you can think of is fine too.

Nasse Nylons, Strumpfhosen und Strümpfe. Beschmutzt, missbraucht, zerschlissen, zerrissen, Laufmaschen und was auch immer gefallen könnte im Zusammenhang mit zarten Maschen.

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Re: Thick Black Tights destroyed by old lady

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Re: Thick Black Tights destroyed by old lady

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I emailed the old woman making that video I was just curious to how this came to be made ..apparently she went into her local charity /Thrift shops to seek out a pair of Thick Black Tights ,or Black School Tights as she put it. .she nearly gave up until as she was walking out of the shop she noticed 1 pair of dangling legs out of a bag ..hence what become of them on this video ,probably once worn by a young woman ..actually the video has been cut short to fit in with the 10m time limit of youtube
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