Amanda's sneakers

Wet and messy sneakers and any other sneaker abuse. You're also welcome to post just regular photos of sneakers here, abused or not.

Nasse und schmutzige Sportschuhe und jegliche Art von Sportschuh-Missbrauch. Auch gerne Bilder unversehrter Sportschuhe.

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Amanda's sneakers

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Went with my wife to our friend Amanda's house this morning. Amanda is athletic and works retail. All three of us often go to the gym. Amanda doesnt like socks so she wears her Nikes sockless to the gym and often she is sockless in her work shoes too. Her and my wife went to grab a pizza leaving me at her place alone so I went straight to her closet. I have often commented on wearing sneakers sockless and how bad they must smell. This was the first time being able to smell her shoes. The Nikes are her work out shoes and they smelled awesome. The two pairs of Pumas she will wear to work. Honestly the black one might be one of smelleist shoes I have ever experienced. The black chucks had a light smell and the other chucks didnt smell.

I decided to dunk two of them in her toilet tank. They should dry out before she wears them again.
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Re: Amanda's sneakers

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Love that you got them wet. Maybe next time wet them under the faucet! Thanks for sharing.
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