Cross Country Mud 2

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Cross Country Mud 2

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We had to put off the shoe and boot exchange for a couple of weeks to let my shoes dry out. The insides were dry soon enough but the leather uppers took ages to get back to light brown. The mud and water had taken a toll though, the inner soles were almost entirely detached and sticking up out of the side of the shoe on both feet, a good yank and one of them came straight out and the other tore off. Whilst several days of my sweaty feet had cleaned the insides at the cost of lovely brown stains on my socks, the strap over the top of one of the shoes had become half unstitched making it very big on my foot, with the entire heel coming out at every step ( lovely) and both had tears in the linings inside. All the other girls thought I was really dirty, but some were jealous and wanted to join in with the PE mistress, no I said, it's just me. But every time I thought about it, looked at my shoes or played with them, I wound up with very wet knickers.

Eventually the day came - I took the precaution of taking another pair of shoes - just a pair of zip up high heel ankle boots - just in case. The teacher was wearing a pair of incredibly old and very scuffed black knee boots with zips. They looked like they'd been to hell and back with scuffed toes, damaged heels, scuffs and knicks in the leather and that really matt colour as if they had been soaked countless times. " They look pretty scruffy I said, have they been wet a lot?" " Yes" said the teacher with a wicked grin," but not with water - your boots are in the back"

I picked up the high heel cowboy boots and now I saw why she didn't care if I trashed them. They were pretty scruffy but the insides and linings were a huge sodden mess and they really, really stank. The white linings were all yellow on the insides of the legs so her pissing herself had not been a one off, especially as the linings were really wet, and split in places and coming away at the top a bit. " The insides are a bit rank" I said " I know" she giggled " my feet sweat a lot and it' really damages my shoes, I've worn these every day for a year and they never get a chance to dry out, so they go on wet in the mornings and it's a real sweaty fug in there, and sometimes a drop of pee adds to the mix, sorry I had a big accident yesterday" More than a drop I thought as I pulled up my dirty white socks and pulled the boots on. There was a bit or relatively clean sock sticking out of the top of each one..

I gave her my loafers " We got these trashed didn't we" she giggled and put them on " I can hardly walk in them they're falling off my feet so much"
We headed to the pool and at the first soft piece of ground she walked right out of my right shoe and with a ripping noise the rest of the strap came away. She put her mud covered foot back in and walked off with the shoe dangling. " That's torn it " I said - "just what I wanted" she said and took the other shoe off and ripped the strap off to match. "Now they'll be like high heel flip flops."

My knickers were soaked seeing my shoes abused like that, so I ploughed into the mud. " Do these boots leak" I asked? " No " she said so I went off and ploughed round the edge of the pool and then headed deeper. The mud at the bottom of the pool was very soft and soon I was sinking - I looked down and saw the water was only an inch or so from the tops " You said these boots don't leak" I called " Well they do now" and with that I took a step forward and watched the filthy water pour into each boot until they were full. " Filthy tart - give it all you've got" shouted the PE mistress as she rammed her hand between her legs. OK I thought, so I walked to the edge and poured all the water out of the tops of my boots, then I went back in and found some sticky ankle deep mud. My boots stuck and my foot came out. My white sock was now stained, grey colour and sodden wet. I plunged it into the mud and then put my mud coated foot back into my boot. The mud was like oil and made the boot harder to keep on, so I walked out of them more and more and more and more mud went in on my feet so they came off more and more.

Bugger this I thought and the next time one came off I put a finger in each of the leather hooks at the side of the legs, put the boot in the mud and scooped lots of wet mud into it until it was nearly full, Then I plunged my foot in and mud and water squirted everywhere. After I'd done this three or four times I went back in the pool to clean them out, slipped them off, scooped water into them and emptied them out. When I put them back on the legs they just collapsed to my ankles and would not stay up. I waded out and the PE mistress, who was now wearing her scruffy black boots, which, judging by the huge wet patch on her leggings, she'd wet herself into, was sitting waiting. "Did you enjoy trashing my boots?" She said "Understand you can't afford to do that every week - take them home and put them upside down on broom handles and they'll drip dry"

"Meantime" she said " I've bought you a present" and she handed me a box in which was a new pair of loafers just like the last pair but a bit more classy and better made "It'll take a while to trash those so go at it gently, walk in deep mud in them first time, then dry them out and enjoy the mud and dirt stains as you wear them into the ground - meantime here are your ankle boots, put your sodden, muddy socks in those and drench the linings" "Another day I'll show you all about wetting your clothes - but not today. "What about the cowboy boots?" I asked - "You trashed them, you keep them" she said, "though I wouldn't mind borrowing them when the school field is flooded..."
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Re: Cross Country Mud 2

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I'm enjoying this series 😀 😍
Shoes and Mud 'Ahh what a great combination!'
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Re: Cross Country Mud 2

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Great series
I loved how the teacher thought her boots could be leakproof !!
Hopefully there will be some other part ?  Maybe with some other boots (I love how you describe the feeling of having the feet protected in leather boots)
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