Messy Welly Filling

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Messy Welly Filling

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Re: Messy Welly Filling

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There was a custard welly musical chairs at our local pub for last years Halloween, it was quite alot of fun, wearing a dress and heels i had to take my heels off obviously but i manage to jump about quite a bit so it shot up my skirt alot, when it came to end i just put my heels back on without the hose off at the end and spent the rest of the night very happy in the pub.

i did a quick messy walk last night, i mixed thick chocolate drinks with cream bubble bath, wore a below the knee jersey dress, thin tights, no knickers and a suede jacket with a pair of med heel court shoes.

it was pretty cold out but it was a lovely session, the cream bath suds add a thickness feeling to the chocolate while staying slimy the chocolate (or custard) stops the cream suds from going full on fluffy chicken on you keeping every thing very nice and creamy while you walk.

half way through after i had been fully covered for a while i removed my tights so i just had the feeling of the soapy dress on my self, so sensual
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