Here today, gone tomorrow

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Here today, gone tomorrow

Post by Diogenes »

This is the story of the short - life boots.

Bought a pair of calf length grey pull on boots with sturdy two and a half inch heels. Got them a size and a half too big so I'd be able to walk out of them if I got in sticky mud. Nothing like putting a mud covered foot into your pristine boots and making them dirty inside

Wore them around the house and they were certainly big and loose with my feet slopping around inside them so after a couple of days I decided it was time for a walk in the woods

There's a big woodland near us which is full of paths, muddy puddles, acres of mud and some really deep puddles which only I know where they are. The kind of puddles that are too deep for anything other than OTK boots and will flood your knee boots. I was hoping to get my new boots really muddy outside and then inside as I kept walking out of them. I've learnt that when you lose a boot and put a muddy foot back in, it makes it more likely to come off again, oh dear! what fun!

I also took a pair of very smart stiletto loafer type shoes in case of trouble. They had straps over the flap with a buckle, but I'd removed that to make sure they were loose enough

Got to the woods and headed off, it had rained heavily and there were some areas like mini quagmires, churned mud and puddles. Most people pick their way round but I went straight through of course so soon my boots were spattered with mud right to the tops and I was walking through puddles with mud at the bottom and water about an inch from the tops. They were pulling on my feet and almost coming off but not quite. Water was seeping into them and I could feel my feet getting damp as I splashed on

I was headed for the deep puddle so I could work them in and flood them - I stepped in and the water was almost at the tops I was really excited and as I took a step forward my boot was suddenly full of dirty brown muddy water. But the tops of my boots were sticking out. I feared the worst and I was right, no heel - sucked off. It's probably still there. I took my boots off and put the shoes on. The stiletto heels sank in the mud and I walked back, through deep mud and water so the shoes were sodden in no time. At every step my heel popped, so it was like wearing mules but it felt great.

The boots got thrown away but the shoes are good for another go - winder how may times I can get them soaked in mud and water before they drop to bits?
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Re: Here today, gone tomorrow

Post by vector »

It totally depends on the material and build quality of the shoes.

Cheap faux leather ones are lucky to survive once.
Those with leather upper but synthetic lining and still glued sole, probably around 3 times.
Full leather upper/lining, well glued sole (preferably leather), survive many times since the glue doesn't disintegrate with water and the heel likely has metal insert.

Top designer brand boots like Stuart Weitzman or the vintage Italian ones have sewn sole and can survive everything unless you deliberately kick them up. Which is why I buy them used for fun.
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Re: Here today, gone tomorrow

Post by Wetshoe »

Louboutins can take lots of abuse. I don't think I've ever seen a pair fall apart due to water, mud, etc. I recently did see a pair of Manolos fall apart from that though.
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