knee boots in clay

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knee boots in clay

Post by Bootssink »

Hi Guys and girls

If this is a repost I apologise, but it is a good one.
It features a blonde girl in a latex mini skirt and knee boots, who goes a little deeper than she planned.
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Post by Lee »

Fantastic bootsink - keep up the top work.

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Post by REMLAP »

great video, keep finding more please
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Post by 4Boot »

Nice ! Thanks for sharing !
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i hate fileshare

Post by Jimmy »

For some reason i can;t get his file could some please email it to me whenever i tr to download i get the message invalid download session.
Oh F**k my shoe is stuck!
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Post by billsinkers »

Great video which I hadn't seen before. It's fun, got an attractive girl in latex and boots, and deep clay. Don't suppose you managed to find out where it originated or if there's any more of it around.It's a bit like a video posted some time ago, '' which ends just when it's getting really interesting. Perhaps the camera man had to go and rescue the girl!!!
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Post by woody »

This movie is alternate footage shot by Rob Blaine of Messy Fun.

If you are interested in 30+ minutes of clips of this scene, you can see them all by joining This is a Director's Cut mud clip of Caitlyn and Ginger.

There is some footage that happens prior to this clip that is exquisite, but the clips that take place after this one is just a fantastic festival of mud!

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