I Want to Upload My Stories Again...

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I Want to Upload My Stories Again...

Post by Ambizzle »

I've been wanting to upload some stories that I've written, some entirely fictional, some entirely truthful, and some that are somewhere between. Since the WAM Story Archive website went down I haven't been able to find a decent place to post stories with the type of content typically enjoyed here.

Can anyone recommend a website that allows users to post WAM stories that is unlikely to be taken down in the near future? :lol:

Also, since I've reset my PC I've lost the first story that I wrote, and can't find a copy anywhere online. Does anyone know where I could find it, or did anyone happen to make a copy of their own...? :wink:
It was the one from this post I made EONS ago:

My First Adventure (Part I)

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Re: I Want to Upload My Stories Again...

Post by justauser »

The WamStoryArchive ist actually still there, just under a different url:

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