Purchasing Clips

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Purchasing Clips

Post by Alex_Wesker1 »

Hey guys and girls, i'm new to this forum.

I have only discovered abusedshoes.com today and after browsing the site I can't seem to find any way of downloading the two videos which i'm after.

I understand you can join and be a member but in the members updates section those two clips aren't shown there.

I have checked the clips4sale store through the link but it's not on there either.

The clips I am looking to buy are in this link : http://www.wethighheels.com/t2.html

Scene 7 and Scene 11 starring Serena to be precise.

How can i buy these clips ??!!?

Any advice would be appreciated =)
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Re: Purchasing Clips

Post by Wetshoe »

Hi Alex. Those videos are decades old and could be amongst the ones that slipped through the cracks never made it online. Probably deep in storage somewhere on a DVD or even a VHS tape. Who knows. With the ease of hiring virtual assistants these days maybe one day I will come across them and they will resurface. Probably not though. It's more likely I will make new footage in the future.
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